Thursday, March 1, 2012

Never Will I

I’m always looking for things to write about. Once I find something, I continually write the blog post in my head until I get somewhere I can actually type it out. This evening I was looking at a website called On the page are the numbers 1-346 and as you scroll over the number a prompt pops up. There were lots of interesting ones, and a good daily exercise for me will be to have someone give me a number and I have to use that prompt.

Today though, I just scrolled through at random until I found something that floated my boat. The prompt is “50 things you’ll never do.” A couple of weeks ago I wrote the things that I want to do for my mid-life crisis so I thought that a list of things I’ll never do might be interesting to put together. So here it is and just an FYI, I’ve avoided obvious things that are either impossible or illegal. Oh, and I could only come up with 10 before it was time for me to go to bed. So shoot me.

  1. Get an animal from anywhere except a rescue organization. Unless a cute, sweet stray follows me home and adopts me like Jenny did.
  2. Drink gin again. I got really sick a long time ago after drinking far too much gin. Now I can hardly type the word without feeling queasy.
  3. Have another baby. God already gave me the two greatest children I could have ever asked for. Plus, I really need my sleep.
  4. Drive a tractor trailer. They’re too darn big and they scare me. I can’t imagine how someone learns how to drive one of those things.
  5. Shoot a hand gun again. I shot at a target with one a couple of years ago and it freaked me out. I’ve shot a rifle and a shot gun before with no problem, but it seems to me that the only purpose for a hand gun is to shoot people. It felt evil.
  6. Go to a boxing match.
  7. Let the single black hair that grows on my chin go unplucked. Enough said.
  8. Eat a beating frog heart. Andrew Zimmern did that on his Bizarre Foods television show and it made me almost as queasy as the thought of gin does.
  9. Sara wants me to include that I’d never punch her. Duh.
  10. Like Duke basketball. Sorry JP.

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