Monday, September 24, 2012

Why You Should Hire Me (or at least give me an interview)

As I’ve navigated my way through unemployment and looking for a new job, the most frustrating thing is applying for jobs online. At first, I didn’t realize that lots of companies have computer programs that scan uploaded resumes for keywords. I just assumed that a human would actually take at least a cursory look. But even if a human is looking at the uploaded resume, online applications are still an extremely anonymous, lonely business.

But even if you are able to send your resume to a human, or if you’re lucky enough to know someone who knows someone, that piece of paper can’t tell it all. Fortunately for me, I have this blog forum that at least nine people read, so I can tell them all of the things that my resume can’t say. I've never been much for tooting my own horn, but one thing this little forced vacation has taught me is that no one is going to be a better champion for me than me.

Here are some reasons why a potential employer should hire me:

  1. I’m a really hard worker. I’ll do whatever needs to be done - and once I finish my work, I’m happy to help someone else. And I’ll stay as long as necessary to get it all done.
  2. I’m smart. I can figure out solutions to problems and I don’t usually need things to be explained more than once. But I’m not scared to ask questions if I need more information.
  3. I have a great attitude. I’m the least moody person you’ll ever work with and it takes a whole lot to make me mad.
  4. I get along with everyone regardless of their position. I believe that the maintenance man deserves as much respect as the CEO.
  5. I’m an awesome team player. I get my work done, but I also make myself available when I can to help the other people on the team because I understand that the team’s success is what makes us all look good.
  6. I’m a good writer. I can get my thoughts across succinctly. I’ve written creative briefs, advertising copy, website copy and even a book (plus a blog of course).
  7. I’m a great presenter. Almost every job I’ve had has required me to do presentations in front of all sorts of audiences, from co-workers and clients to larger groups of stakeholders. I don’t get nervous.
  8. I’m well rounded and mature. I have a good life – a great family, lots of good friends and I’m very active at my church. These things make me a better employee and co-worker.
Maybe one of my nine readers knows someone who knows someone, and can send them a link to this post. I'd love to be working again!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy 16th Birthday Sara!

I was writing Sara’s 16th birthday blog post and I read back through the one I wrote last year. I realized that what I had written for this year was basically the same. So I regrouped and pondered what to say instead.

Since Sara’s 16 now, I don’t get the opportunity to bestow words of wisdom on her very often. I figured since this is my blog, I get to say what I want whenever I want. So here it is, baby. Here’s what I want you to know:

  1. Don’t ever stop singing. Even when you think or know that someone is listening at the door, don’t ever stop. You have a God-given talent, and it makes you really happy. So keep on, and don’t get nervous when others are around. They should get some enjoyment out of life too!
  2. Don’t lose your sense of joy. You approach life with an open heart most of the time. While this might make you more vulnerable to hurt sometimes, it will also allow you to feel so much more love and happiness than you would if you were more cautious. This is one of my favorite things about you.
  3. Don’t sell yourself short. You’re pretty awesome. You’re smart, talented, beautiful and a joy to be around. I know I’m biased, but I’d bet you lots of money that most of the other people who know you feel the same. There’s no need to doubt yourself – you’ve worked through some of the hardest things I can imagine for a young lady, and you’re strong.
  4. Keep exercising, eating right and getting enough sleep. I promise you’ll feel great for the rest of your life if you do. And you’ll keep looking great too.
  5. Don’t ever doubt that your family loves you. We’ll love you no matter what – you can’t get rid of us. Sometimes you might wish you could J but sorry, you’re stuck with us.
  6. Keep reading. Reading opens up all sorts of worlds to you. It’ll make you wonder things you might not have thought about before. It’ll make you mad and sad and really happy. But to lose yourself in a great story is a wonderful vacation!
  7. Keep going to church. And when you’re gone to college and beyond, find one that feeds your soul. It doesn’t matter what denomination, all that matters is that you take some time to seek comfort, give thanks and give back on a regular basis.
  8. Don’t lose your empathetic nature. You care so much for others – and what a gift it is for someone in need when you show that love and care. There aren’t enough people in the world who care for others like you do. Even small things, like the day you helped that poor man at Kroger who spilled the fruit salad. You make a difference.

Sara, I don’t know if I can ever express to you how much I love you, and how proud I am of you. You take my breath away.